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Dante Alighieri

Dante's Inferno1Click to Order Dante's Inferno (tr. Robert M. Durling - hard $$$)

Dante's Inferno2[ Click to Order Dante's Inferno (tr. Robert Pinsky - soft $) ]    "In an online conference hosted by The Atlantic Monthly in April, 1995, the American poet Robert Pinsky commented on some of the problems inherent in translating a work like Dante's Inferno (the first part of the Divina Commedia). Asked whether poetry is essentially untranslatable, he answered: 'Yes. Poetry is basically a technology of the sounds of language, and one set of sounds is not another. . . . But as a work of imagination one can--to use a very old term--'English' a work of art into another derived work of art, meant to give pleasure and an idea of the original in the new language.' ..." [ Click to read the rest of this article from Nov. 1995 Atlantic magazine ]

Links of Interest:

Digital Dante
Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia University. Features overview, classroom resources, poetry, maps, illustrations, and more.
This site has the entire text of The Inferno Book I, The Purgatorio Book II , and The Paradisio Book II (all three books translated by S. Fowler Wright). Caution as these are huge pages as entire book loads (just text fortunately so not too slow).
Dante's Visual Inferno
Dante's Visual Inferno is the complete rendering of Dante Alighieri's classic text, as translated by Mark Musa, specially adapted for the dynamic and visual nature of the web. Because different web browsers understand HTML uniquely, this site will be tailored to individual browsers so that everyone may have the most visually exciting experience possible.
Early Versions of Dante's Work
Divina Commedia
This site (in Italian and English) features a visual and auditory tour of "The Divine Comedy", Dante Alighieri, his Inferno and the Hell of others.
Dante Alighieri
This site features work, short bio, and related information about the poet.
Dante's Clickable Inferno
This site offers selections from Dante Alighieri's Inferno in an "interactive" format. The text used is up to you, the user; choose from Allen Mandelbaum's, Robert Pinsky's, or John Ciardi's translation and notes to Dante's original text. In addition, some images and links to other sites of interest about Dante on the web are available
Dante's Infereno
This site features the Inferno translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)
This site features Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, along with selected treasures from The Newberry Library. Otfried Lieberknecht's Homepage for Dante Studies
This site has links to libraries, bibliographies, e-texts, Dante-societies, and Dante Alighieri-related sites.

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