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Sylvia Plath

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Links of Interest:

Sylvia Plath
A site devoted to the confessional poet who was married to Ted Hughes, featuring the poems "Daddy," extracts from The Bell Jar, bibliography, and quotes
Sylvia Plath
Extensive site features online texts, biography, bibliography, pictures, and links.
Sylvia Plath Biography
A site featuring a detailed chronology and biography, including some general information on Plath's poetry
Sylvia Plath Forum
A forum hosted by Elaine Connell, author of Sylvia Plath: Killing the Angel in the House
A Sylvia Plath
A site by Joan Welz that presents Welz's opinions of Sylvia Plath and features an annotated bibliography, an extensive bibliography of monographs, articles and theses on Sylvia Plath, a biography, many quotations from her journals and letters, and lists the scholarships and prizes that Sylvia won. It also provides some information about Plath's manuscripts at the Smith College Library and the Lilly Library.
An Interview with Ted Hughes
This page, from Paris Review, Spring 1995, is an excerpt from an interview with Ted Hughes, in which he speaks about Sylvia Plath and how they met, how she worked and used her journals, and why he changed the order of the Ariel poems. It is one of the few occasions where he provides some real insight.
"The Peanut Crunching Crowd" in the Work of Sylvia Plath: Holocaust as Spectacle?
This paper by Charlotte Crofts from the Department of English and American Studies of the University of Manchester, analyses and justifies Plath's use of holocaust images in her poetry and concentrates on two poems: The Thin People and Lady Lazarus
Fred Beake: Plathetic Fallacies
This essay discusses the influence other writers like Roethke or Williams may have had on Plath's poetry; it discusses her contemporaries and looks at her poetry, arguing that her poems were not personal in a strict sense. Rather, Plath used personae and masks and transformed personal experience into something of more general interest.
Sylvia Plath: Development of a Poet from "Tale of a Tub" to "Ariel"
This page featuers a class paper on Plath by Rita Howe.
Modernist Conversations
Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton: Two Confessional Poets
Anne Sexton, and her relationship with Sylvia Plath
Sylvia Plath: Personal Influences on Sylvia Plath's Writing
A Comparison Between Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" and Anne Sexton's "My Friend, My Friend"
A paper on Imagery in Sylvia Plath's Daddy
A paper by Nicola Goelzhaeuser.
Sylvia Plath Archives
This site features a good collection of links to poems by Sylvia Plath and other related links.
A large collection of poems with full-text search that allows you to search for lines, words, or phrases in the numerous poems found there.
Sylvia Plath
A site with biographical information, an essay, and links.
The Complete List of Sylvia Plath Links
A compiolation of links by Emily Pollard
Voices and Visions
This site about the Voices and Visions' video series on poets, where you can read about the video that clarifies the relationship between Plath's life and art.
The King Must Die - Rechoreographing the Father-Daughter Dance
This page features an interesting article about father-daughter-relationships by Carolyne Pion
Ted Hughes
This is a great site dedicated to Ted Hughes maintained by Claas Kazzer

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